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Get a leather gloves that is totally unique with your choice of leather, style, color & fit.


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All our orders are made to order and there is no minimum quantity


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Our design consultant guides you through each step from creative process to production

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All our orders are Made to Order, and you are welcome to customize your order.

Select Any Design


Our custom made leather services enable you to have your leathers look exactly the way you want them. You can choose from a wide range to specifically match your personal needs.

Choose any Color


Our leathers come in a multitude of colors to match your choice, style, bike or race team. We can develop any required color from a range of Pantone shades.

 Standard Size & Made to Measure Size


Standard Sizes from US 32-50 / EU 42-60 and everything in between is made to measure that will have your leathers feel comfortable and wearable all day long.

 Choice of Leather


We can accommodate your choices as all of our production is done in- house. We offer you a choice from Kangaroo, Cowhide, Sheep or Goat Leathers.

  1. Custom Leather Gloves
    Custom Leather Gloves
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Motorcycle Leather Gloves

The best motorbike gloves can be stretched and utilized effectively as per use, thus presenting the need for quality material and stitching. Our biker gloves are manufactured, keeping this very formula in mind.

Men Leather Gloves

Our ready-to-wear men’s leather gloves have been crafted with the finest materials and supreme mastery of craft. Therefore, each of our creations in this regard is remarkable and unique.

Women Leather Gloves

All ladies in leather gloves exhibit sophistication and strength. Our products are, therefore, accessorized accordingly. They amplify the lady's personality and add a flair of charisma and charm to it.

Custom Leather Gloves

Most often, wardrobe staples like pants, jackets, and coats steal away all the limelight, soaking in all the fun. Shouldn't equally, if not more, acknowledgment be arranged for accessories like gloves and belts? You can never imagine, for sure, surviving the freezing chill of winter mornings in the absence of insulating material for your hands. With that in mind, our design team over at Leather Collection has left no stone unturned to showcase the real power of these rightful centerpieces into our products. 

Our variety of leather gloves spans over an extensive range, varying between different elements of leather and composition. However, every so often, there comes an individual incapable of associating to any glove structure at all. People have different hand anatomies, and many times, standard sizes do not align well. Fingers too long, too short, or perhaps even an unconventional style sense could lead them to not finding their perfect fit. Whatever the case may be, we have solutions.

A design process carefully crafted by our creative heads over a long period of time allows individuals to customize their leather gloves of choice. Uniquely made, we shall be making sure that your hands' precise measurements are taken under consideration during the stitching. Generally, the market caters to gloves composed of exclusive leathers, alligators, for instance. However, we strongly advise against that. Our fabrics are all soft, durable, and elastic materials that are not too stiff on the hand. Moreover, our glove-making techniques are faithful to traditional methods of production, therefore significantly consuming physical labor. That is to say, a significant amount of working on the product is done through hand-sewing. 

We believe in deliberately investing just as much faithful dedication here as we do in all our other products to harness custom leather gloves maximum performance. 

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