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Get a trench leather coat that is totally unique with your choice of leather, style, color & fit.


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Our custom made leather services enable you to have your leathers look exactly the way you want them. You can choose from a wide range to specifically match your personal needs.

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Our leathers come in a multitude of colors to match your choice, style, bike or race team. We can develop any required color from a range of Pantone shades.

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Standard Sizes from US 32-50 / EU 42-60 and everything in between is made to measure that will have your leathers feel comfortable and wearable all day long.

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We can accommodate your choices as all of our production is done in- house. We offer you a choice from Kangaroo, Cowhide, Sheep or Goat Leathers.

  1. Custom Trench Coats
    Custom Trench Coats
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Men Trench Coats

An impressively extensive range of long and duster trench coat men. So, no more fretting over matching outwears with outfits. Versatile and practical, it is a promise that investing in our trench coat men will be worth every penny of yours.

Women Trench Coats

Nothing is as stylish as women's leather coats, now available as ladies' trench coats or winter trench coats. The days have gone by where you can see women marching in uniformed order in black trench coats.

Custom Trench Coats

Perhaps the most loved pieces from the wardrobe of the 21st-century gentleman date back to the origins of war and development. A trench coat is one such timeless product of English fashion that has withstood centuries of reinvention. Initially established for use in the British war-force, prestige and status were unquestionably associated with trench coats. Few garments of such deep-rooted military heritage manage to inculcate a sense of pride in the modern fashion industry, but the trench coat has proved itself as an exception. 

Over the years, the classic English trench coat has been subjected to numerous developments, yet never letting go of the basics that tradition has taught us. Similarly, we acknowledge the significance of customs and transformation at the same time. Therefore, much like other popular clothing pieces, why should buying an English Trench Coat not come with the added benefit of customization? Gear up all you enthusiasts out there because we are finally here to cater to all those who wish to be served with our Custom Trench Coats

Our customization policies and creative process allow the customer to accompany the expert through every manufacturing step. You are expected to begin choosing a base material so that any further work may be carried out accordingly. Another important decision in the very beginning is to decide on an appropriate length. Generally, trench coat structures vary between two extreme cases; calf-length short or ankle-length long. This foundation then contributes towards informed decisions regarding sleeve length, sleeve type, color range, and other essential style elements. 

Any inclusion of gun patches, buttons, zippers, or even pockets is as per your preference. Overlooking each step leading up to creating the trench coat of your dreams is truly a unique experience. This is especially true when you exercise control over external accessories and the general outlook of the product.

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